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IT Solutions & Project Deployments

Play it smart with K&J’s service offerings. We have a set of comprehensive IT management tools that allow us to provide you with top quality service at a predictable and affordable cost. Our Managed Services tools provide best-in-class IT services without our customers needing a huge up-front investment or long term commitment.

Our technology allows us to instantaneously attend to a problem to prevent a potential disaster. Experience a higher level of service with K&J. Since we charge a predictable cost, we are aligned with our customer’s goals and mutually benefit when they have fewer problems.

Our partners and clients prefer a proven turn-key solution that includes both system software and associated advanced services. With our approach we provide comprehensive network management for both software and services to deploy managed security services. Important benefits for service providers include:

  • Managed Service Life-cycle Model: Reduce cost and time to market.
  • Service Delivery Platform
    Solution helps reduce the cost of service delivery through:
  1. Reducing the capital, integration, operational and maintenance costs associated with complex multiple service delivery systems and simplifying the service delivery infrastructure.
  2. Service-oriented architecture principles to enable the reflection of business priorities in the service delivery process and re-use of functionality across multiple systems.
  3. Ease of service development by operators and third parties, with simple, standardized portal interfaces and capabilities.
  4. Reduce total cost of ownership by providing a management platform and road-map to including additional managed services.
  5. Reducing complexity helps to drive operational costs downwards and capital costs are reduced through the service-oriented, component-based approach and more efficient use of assets.

Our staff is well adverse and ready to be deployed in any sized environment for:

  • Deployments, Migrations and Equipment Roll outs
  • Software design and development
  • Project Management-Certified PMP and ITIL
  • Network integrations, implementations, and demonstrations. CCIE level Experience
  • Desktop Support and Deployments, CCIE,CCNA,CCNP,CCDA,CCDP,CCDE
  • Proposal and Bid Management Services
  • Financial and Business Analysis
  • Web Design and Programming
  • Federal and Government Bids,Proposal Services, Grants
  • Many more essential IT functions

Project Deployments (P-TOC Program)

This “Project on Call” program is an extension of K&J’s Managed Services services providing our clients with strategic cost saving measures to complete your team’s milestones and deliverables.

Our management team has provided managed services for a vast number of programs to both public and private organizations. The K&J team has personally worked within each of these environments for many years providing services while managing client’s milestones and deliverables.

 K&J’s Line of Sight approach to strategy development and deployment helps clients:

  • Translate business strategy into specific goals at all levels of the organization
  • Select and prioritize improvement efforts for maximum impact
  • Allocate resources to enable the successful implementation of improvement projects
  • Establish clear accountability for financial and process performance objectives
  • A Strategic Process, which evaluates the extent, which an organization is positioned in each of the organizational dimensions, required to understand measure and pursue a business strategy

Our services are geared towards providing clients develop new processes, enhancing existing processes, implement and deploy those processes by impacting the organization.  Designed to improve your business with both integrate and direct improvement efforts toward meeting your strategic imperatives.

  • Strategy Development & Execution formulate strategy and engage those responsible for execution in the development of strategic initiatives. In a series of focused, interactive workshops, managers participate in data collection, synthesis, and strategy and scenario development. By helping operational people to think strategically, we help raise the competency of business leaders to drive sustained strategic change.
  • Strategy Deployment Readiness Assessment designed to determine the extent which an organization has in place the means and mechanisms required to successfully create the process capabilities needed to convert strategy into action.
  • A Strategy Deployment which illustrates a step-by-step approach for building the internal business mechanisms required to successfully implement a defined business strategy.  Enable the right people to think strategically and develop the building blocks for fully engaging the organization’s resources and people in strategy execution.
  • A Strategic Process which evaluates the extent which an organization is positioned in each of the organizational dimensions required to understand measure and pursue a business strategy.

Service Offerings


  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Market Analyses
  • Cost / Benefit Analyses
  • Budgeting
  • RFP Design & Preparation


  • Vendor / Contract Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Oversight
  • Meeting Facilitation

Management Reporting

  • Project / Performance Analyses
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Action Plans

Project Initiation

  • Scope Definition
  • Requirements Identification
  • Project Work plans
  • Proposal / Bid Response Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiations

Project Implementation

  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Analyses
  • Organizational Structure Review and Assessment

K&J Consulting Services can offer its services in a number of different scenarios to suit the needs of its clients. For example, K&J Consulting can serve as an extension of your staff through an on-call teaming arrangement. Alternatively, K&J Consulting can work as a subcontractor on a project-by-project basis. Under any scenario, K&J Consulting Management will “partner” and work alongside your staff as necessary. We look forward to establishing a win-win working relationship with you and your firm.

K&J will provide a needs assessment which will define opportunities, challenges, and a high level plan outlining the process we will follow to help your business. In order to do this effectively, we may spend time learning the specific needs of your business. In the final analysis, it is the flawless execution of a well-reasoned strategy that differentiates between success and failure.

Contact K&J today for customized presentations based on your company’s needs. At K&J we always keep quality and price in mind with the best results when delivering to your organization.

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